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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Many Reasons To Prepare

Preparation allows for many backstories. Some people will want to prepare out of a concern for 2012 predictions. I prefer to stay within the realm of the known. Solar flares, earthquake, other natural disasters will always befall humans. In this article, we will focus on the domestic situation within the United States.

Grey Wolf is having computer difficulties, he asked me to give him a hand. So, let me introduce myself. My screen name is Patriot Preacher. I am the chairman of a local group that grew out of the first Tea Party. We are concerned citizens working in a non political manner to right the course of this country. We are not partisan, hateful or racist. That is all I will say about that. I write for, and publish a newsletter, 2 blogs and occasionally get published letters to the editor of my local paper. I am also a prepper. I came to preparedness in a search for what to do about the impending collapse of the US economy. Over the past few years I have learned much, as I suspect many have. I have learned the key to preparing is to just get started.

If you have not started preparing for the worst case scenario, it is imperative to start right now. There are forces at work within the United States that will bring the situation to critical within the next few years. I believe 2012 is only a coincidental year in the larger scope of world events. The world will not end in 2012, but the world as we know it may. Only the Lord knows the why and when of the endtimes, we can only extrapolate future trends from current events. Those current events are rather ominous.

Briefly around the world we have a few things that impact the US:
Rouge Nations- North Korea and Iran, for example
Sovereign Defaults or near defaults- Greece, Spain, to name a few
Volcanic Eruption- Air travel impacted by an unpronounceable volcano in Iceland
Major Oil Spill- The BP disaster will wreak havoc on the local economy in several US states

Here in the US, very curious situation is developing. We are very close to the edge of collapse, economically. We could spend hours discussing the current direction, up, down, sideways, double dip recession, green shoots and Greater Depression. I suspect if you are on this site, you tend to think like me, with respect to the economy. There is a political aspect to the situation in the US which also threatens its stability. I recently wrote this article, and am happy to share it here. It may have political overtones which do not belong here, but is offered for insight, not as an attempt to change anyone’s political views. We don’t prepare for political reasons, but logical ones.

There is obviously a disconnect in reality, the world must have fallen down the rabbit hole. The video clip would be comical if it did not send the ominous message that the government is out to manufacture real anger in the Tea Party movement. It also shows that the President has not studied history, or at least, not learned correctly from it.

In 2008, we marched in DC. Millions of people, just like the ones in the video. We listened to the direction of the police, we thanked the police for the job they do. They thanked us for being so polite. If you listen to the audio in the piece above, you can hear the leader of the Tea Partiers say the police thanked them for compliance. The mainstream media painted the protesters as rowdy. The only things heard were giggles, and maybe a few questions about why RIOT POLICE needed to be used against people singing patriotic songs.

Pundits in the media have purposely mislabeled the Tea Party movement as racist, violent hatemongers. Every piece of video shows otherwise. The only violence at a Tea Party protest has been against the Tea Party. Recently, Former President Clinton warned that the rhetoric of the movement may incite the next "McVeigh". Likely, the next "McVeigh" will be driven by the gross over reaction to peaceful protesters.

These riot stormtroopers are the equivalent to the Redcoats of old. They are trotted out as a show of force. That is akin to using a sledgehammer to drive a tack. It is the wrong tool, if not used very carefully the entire piece of work could be damaged. A troop of Boy Scouts could have kept this group in line.

More Redcoats are massing in the country. A story about the 1st Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division was in the print edition of the Crier in April. Eighty Thousand troops assigned to domestic military duty. Allegedly to counter terrorist activity, assist in natural disasters, it is the wrong tool. Their other mission is to counter civil unrest, a police job, unless they have an "enemy".

The enemy is being fabricated, by the media, the Left and the Leftists in government. Recently held military exercises at Fort Knox specifically name the Tea Party, and people opposed to ObamaCare, in the same breath with the white supremacists, as ready to attack the gold depository. This is only an exercise scenario, but the military trains for likely enemies. This elevates the Tea Party to "Insurgent" status in the eyes of military leaders. It then is only a tiny step to full blown enemy status. It would not take much with so many stormtroopers and military troops being manipulated to think the movement is something more than peaceful, normal redress of grievances as outlined in the Constitution.

In fairness, it is rumored the Police Department in the video did not want to participate in this, but were ordered by the Secret Service. That, then, lays it in the lap of the President. The military scenario was written by an officer that did not seek the approval of his scenario. To their credit, troops and Officers broke the story. However, the President is the Commander in Chief and as such, surrounds himself with people loyal to him. All of this sets a strange scene, reminiscent of days gone by, in history not taught.

A revolution is being set up, not by the Tea Party, but by the Leftist, Socialist, Progressives within the government itself. It was planned as a peaceful "transformation of America", but then the Tea Party happened. People woke up, and those people are waking others. Anarchists, Union thugs and Progressives are fomenting the violence in order to drive us to revolution. If that does not work, they have put in place the strategies of Alinsky, Cloward and Piven to drive the US to utter collapse, hoping to rise all powerful from the ashes. Those strategies worked out so well for Wiemar Germany and Russia didn’t they? Pick your poison, Alice, totalitarianism in the form of Fascism or Communism. Then again, this is Wonderland, there is another option. Resist, peacefully resist for as long as we can.

Resist and prepare for what is coming. Pray for guidance in your preparations, pray for your resistance to remain peaceful for as long as it can. Pray that we can ride out a collapse and emerge victorious on the other side. The pieces are nearly in place to transform America into something it was never intended to be, remain vigilant.

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